Irena Kotvitskaja  idea, vocals

Rusia  vocals, drynda

Nadzeya Tschuhunova  vocals, percussion and wind instruments

Akana-NHS is a Belarusian ethno vocal trio created by Irena Kotvitskaya in 2009. On ethnographical expeditions, the three women Irena, Rusia and Nadzeya gather and save traditions of ancient Belarusian folk singing, and then perform Belarusian ritual songs in archaic, world music and ethno-jazz styles in different collaborations with musicians worldwide.

Belarusian folk songs contain vivid ethnic images and archetypes of the Belarusian mentality. The musical symbols of ancient Belarusian songs have not been changed for centuries and we do not only want to save them, but also share them with the audience.

All songs are performed by female voices because it were women who saved the tradition of singing.

Our performance includes a number of authentic songs, which are performed in the same archaic way in which they were recorded during expeditions.

The women sing in original folk dresses with symbolic national embroidery and construction. You may see the difference between the outlook of a young unmarried girl, a wife and a mother. We also use some authentic instruments like drums, drynda and several types of ocarina (ancient wind instrument).

Akana-NHS performed in countries like Belarus, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Ucraine, Russia and Estonia.